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Whistleblower Retaliation

Employees are protected, by law, when they reveal illegal or harmful aspects of their workplace. An employer can not retaliate against that employee with acts such as harassment, demotion or unwarranted transfers. When an employee chooses to disclose illegal or harmful acts they become a protected class or group that holds specific qualities that cannot influence any hiring, firing, promotion or transferring decisions. If you have taken the brave step and reported illegal behavior in a federal job, you should contact an attorney. They will provide compassionate and experienced legal representation and review your case to establish your legal options.

The hardest step has already been taken; you reported an act that was inappropriate or illegal. It is time to contact an aggressive law firm that will fight for you when the stakes are high. The Federal Practice Group has been representing whistleblowers for over ten years and they are dedicated to helping you get the protection you are afforded under law. They have over 100 years of combined legal experience in employment law and have represented numerous federal employees in whistleblower cases. They are qualified to represent federal or private employees worldwide and represent clients both within the U.S. and overseas. You took the right step in disclosing violations, but the process can be very intimidating. Their firm will ease the pressure of this case from you and provide you with the protection you deserve and are due under the law.

Protecting Whistleblowers

Under law, your employer is required to treat you the same regardless of any information regarding illegal activities or violations of law you have reported. Unfortunately, actions can be taken that are carefully crafted to make it appear that a demotion, firing, or transfer are based on other reasons than the fact that you reported on your employer. Small acts of inappropriate behavior can have large effects on your mental and emotional health. The legal team at the firm will represent you aggressively in court or mediation and move forward with pursuing justice if you have suffered retaliation in a federal job after reporting illegal activities or procedures. These are difficult and upsetting issues, and it is important that you have a strong legal presence on your side to take immediate action to protect you against this illegal activity.

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