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USERRA refers to the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights act which was enacted to protect the rights of federal workers who are also reservists in addition to others who are called to active duty during the course of employment. Similarly, VEOA refers to the Veterans Employment Opportunities act which was signed into law in order to provide veterans of 3 or more years of service in good standing with the United States military with the rights that allow those veterans to compete for work opportunities within the federal government. These important pieces of legislation seek to minimize employment discrimination against active members of the armed forces in addition to those veterans in good standing.

Perhaps the most significant portions of USERRA and VEOA refer to the right of federal workers to keep their job status, position, rate-of-pay, benefits and others upon return from voluntary or involuntary military service. Federal employees may not be fired for absence due to military service, and those veterans seeking employment cannot be rejected on the basis of their military status. When these rights are violated, individuals have the option to file a complaint against the specific government agency. Before filing your complaint, discuss your case with a seasoned employment law attorney who can provide you with the guidance you need.

Winning a USERRA or VEOA Appeal

There are a variety of factors that contribute to a successful appeal under the USERRA or VEOA acts. The legitimacy of the incident itself is perhaps most critical to the success of an appeal. The Federal Practice Group can work with clients worldwide to build a thorough and compelling case based on details of the incident itself. Our high quality, experienced legal staff can provide sufficient evidence for many clients who have experienced discrimination due to their relationship with the armed services, and we have a long record of success in USERRA and VEOA hearings.

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