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Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environments

Sexual harassment is very serious and can be detrimental to one's emotional and psychological health. It is classified as unwarranted or wanted sexual touching, requests, innuendos, rumors and comments. These comments can make people very uncomfortable and may even lead to hesitation when debating a report. If you have been sexually harassed, it is important that the correct procedure is following when filing a complaint. For example, an official complaint must be filed to your human resources officer first, before a suit can be filed. The company must know in advance that an employee is dealing with an uncomfortable situation. An employment law attorney can provide you with compassionate legal representation if you believe you have been sexually harassed in your workplace.

The steps of filing for sexual harassment are a familiar part of the practice of the legal team at The Federal Practice Group. They have over 100 years of combined legal experience and have won countless cases for clients who have suffered from sexual harassment while working for the federal government in some capacity.

Were you sexually harassed in your work place?

Words, certain pictures, questions or even gestures may be deemed to be sexual harassment if an employee was made uncomfortable or even overheard certain types of comments. The legal team at the law firm is aware of the regulations and laws surrounding sexual harassment and they will review your case very carefully to determine how to move forward with your claim. Victims of sexual harassment often are greatly disturbed by these actions, and harassment can negatively impact more than just your career. Emotional and mental health can be affected if the harassment is severe. These damages need to be properly addressed. Guilty parties should be held accountable for their inappropriate actions.

You have a right to safe work environment. When sexual harassment is present, the workplace can be a hostile and unsafe environment. Sexual harassment affects men and women alike. The legal team at the firm will work tirelessly for justice for federal employees that are victims of sexual harassment.

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