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Security Clearance

The federal government requires an increasingly large number of its employees to have varied levels of security clearance in order to effectively perform their job responsibilities. The process of obtaining the required security clearance can be difficult, mainly because the depth of investigation can be significant, delving into such personal details as financial history and personal information that may speak to the character of an applicant, or potential reasons where the security clearance may be used in order to gain unlawful access to information or properties, which can pose an infinitely more disastrous threat.

Security Clearance Applications, Suspension and Revocation

While the security clearance application process is a daunting one, there should be no assumption that the clearance will remain throughout the career of a government worker. Security clearance can be suspended or even revoked as a consequence of a traffic violation, late payment on household bills, or alleged personal troubles to name just a few. Contractors, temporary workers and career federal employees stand to lose a great deal if they lose the ability to achieve security clearance, and the skills of a proven attorney will provide much-needed confidence in an appeal.

The Federal Practice Group is very familiar with the process used by the federal government to screen employees for security clearance, and has helped many clients prepare for the application process, or fight suspensions and complete revocations due to any number of circumstances. Our firm is adept at researching all available details in terms of personal and financial history, potential reasons for rejection of security clearance and more. We appreciate the necessity for security clearance in some cases of government employment, and will work hard to see that you get what you need in order to resume your work.

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