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Reasonable Accommodation Requests

Disabled federal employees have the right to pursue their careers without discrimination and the right to request reasonable accommodations which allows them to fully perform their job. In some cases, a federal employee may need legal assistance to even establish that he or she is a "qualified individual with a disability" and thus is deserving of appropriate reasonable accommodations. A reasonable accommodation is considered a change, adaptation, or modification in a workplace that is needed for disabled employees to fulfill the duties of their job. Accommodations may also include changes or modifications to policies which enable all qualified workers to accomplish the tasks that their specific job requires. Managers and supervisors are not allowed to discriminate or otherwise ignore reasonable requests from their employees. If you have experienced discrimination or are concerned about your rights when it comes to requests for reasonable accommodation, you need to contact an experienced attorney without delay.

Requests for reasonable accommodation can include modifications to a work station, wheelchair accessibility, accessible parking, the right to have an assistive animal such as a seeing eye dog or other similar accommodations. There must be a demonstrated relationship between requested accommodation and the disability in order to establish necessity. The Federal Practice Group is well-versed in these matters and difficulties that disabled workers may face. An energetic and proven lawyer from the firm will aggressively pursue a successful outcome to your request for accommodation.

Fighting for the Rights of Federal Employees

No matter where you are in the United States or worldwide, the dedicated attorneys at the firm are prepared to aggressively protect your rights. A disability should not impair your ability to follow your career goals. The talented and tireless group of lawyers at the firm will vigorously fight for your career and your future opportunities. They have over 100 years of combined experience successfully assisting clients achieve results. The firm is proud to serve you and to uphold your right to fair treatment.

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