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Office of Special Counsel (OSC)

Known as the Office of Special Counsel, the OSC is an independent federal agency which seeks to protect current federal employees, or those seeking federal employment, from practices related to the handling of personnel in a variety of scenarios. The OSC provides critical protection for federal workers against retribution related to whistleblowing, PPC violations and violations of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, or USERAA as well as the Civil Services Reform Act, which created the OSC in 1978. Additionally, the OSCR is a safe means for federal workers who wish to disclose information about workplace violations of virtually any type, as well as forcing compliance with the Hatch Act which places legal restrictions on political activity within the workplace. Any engagement with the OSC in terms of filing a claim should be at the guidance of a proven attorney in order to provide the best possible chance at success.

When a federal employee suffers consequences such as termination, suspension, demotion and more as a result of whistleblowing retaliation or disclosure of unsafe or inappropriate practices within a federal agency, that employee has the right to file a claim with the Office of Special Counsel who, in turn, may launch an investigation, or even prosecute in cases where appropriate. If the OSC does not pursue the claim, the individual has 65 days from the notification date to file an Individual Right of Action, or IRA claims with the MSPB, or lose any opportunity to pursue a claim.

Federal OSC Claims Guidance

The Federal Practice Group has a long-standing history of success in assisting federal employees in dealings with the Office of Special Counsel including initiating a claim, working with the OSC in investigation and prosecution, or transitioning to an MSPB appeals claim in cases where the OSC declines to pursue the claim. Our firm can determine the legitimacy of any case, worldwide, and will work hard to provide the highest-quality level of legal service available nationwide. We can help you pursue an OSC claim for protection, or reimbursement for lost wages due to inappropriate retribution.

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