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Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Appeals

What is an MSPB appeal?

The Merit Systems Protection Board, or MSPB, is an agency within the executive branch of the federal government that was created to protect federal merit systems as well as the rights of federal employees who work under that system. A person may file an MSPB appeal in response to various agency actions such as boards of inquiry, but the appeal must be filed within 30 calendar days of the agency decision. The MSPB appeals process may be very difficult to win, and it is critical that you enlist the services of a qualified federal employment law attorney as soon as possible in order to formulate the best approach.

There are a multitude of different agency actions that the MSPB has jurisdiction over, such as reduction in grade or pay for unacceptable performance, termination of employment during probation, furlough for more than 30 days due to reductions in force, and issues relating failure to reinstate employees to name a few. The MSPB appeals process is a difficult one, and the requirements of an appeal can be very strict. For these reasons among others, many federal employees who file an MSPB appeal will likely fail to achieve a satisfying result. The consequences of any agency decision can be disastrous, especially in terms of lost wages and possible career-ending action.

Filing an MSPB Appeal

The Federal Practice Group appreciates the rights of federal employees to appeal agency decisions, and our team of legal professionals is prepared to travel anywhere to meet the needs of our clients. The MSPB appeals process can be difficult to navigate, and even more difficult to win. Our firm has a proven record of success in representing the interests of employees in appeals with the Merit Systems Protection Board, and we will fight to see that you have the best chance at success in your appeal.

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