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Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Much the same as any worker, as a federal employee it is possible that you may encounter disputes, grievances, sexual harassment, discrimination, or other unfortunate circumstances that can potentially damage your career. Whether you are facing disciplinary action for an allegation of wrongdoing in the workplace or if you have been the victim of mistreatment, it is vitally important that you contact a proven lawyer right away to ensure that your rights and career are fully protected. An attorney from the firm may be able to help you avoid costly litigation by energetically representing you in alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is less adversarial than more formal litigation proceedings. The trusted and confident team of lawyers at The Federal Practice Group appreciates what you are going through. The stress and emotion involved in workplace disputes is a difficult enough burden and resolving your matter without the added tensions of a formal proceeding is often in everyone's best interests. The insightful lawyers at the firm have the knowledge to thoroughly investigate your case to assist you in determining your strategic options. If your matter is related to your union representation the firm understands the arbitration process. The firm can also work with your employer as we have an excellent track-record successfully mediating disputes. The dedicated attorneys at the firm have the skill to tenaciously protect your rights while simultaneously tactfully and effectively negotiating a suitable solution on your behalf.

Solutions through Mediation and Arbitration

A dispute or conflict in the workplace creates hardship and strain for hard-working people. The firm cares about our clients and takes the time to carefully listen to the exact details of your specific case and the outcome that you desire. Federal labor law is a complicated area of the law and you may feel pressured to give up and move on. You don't have to give up. You don't have to face this problem alone. Their attorneys have extensive experience in federal labor law, and will tenaciously protect your rights and interests while pursuing an optimum outcome for you. Alternative dispute resolution may be the best option for your case, and an evaluation of your situation should be undertaken at once.

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