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We assist employees of all Federal agencies.

State Department

If you are a State Department employee that has been treated unlawfully, do not hesitate to contact an employment attorney for immediate legal support. State Department employers must follow specific protocols, statutes and regulations prior to taking disciplinary action against you. Federal employees have far more rights in the workplace than those in the private sector. From your initial consultation through the resolution of your case, The Federal Practice Group will aggressively fight to protect those rights. Choosing an experienced legal team can make all the difference in your outcome.

The firm has a long track record of successfully representing clients facing employment legal issues, including disability retirement, unpaid overtime, whistleblower retaliation, misconduct investigations, Merit System Protection Board appeals, revocation of security clearance, disciplinary action, removal, sexual harassment claims, and discrimination/EEO complaints. Whether you are an administrative worker, supervisor, manager, executive, regional director, or contractor, an attorney at the firm will know the laws and regulations pertaining to your situation. They will always give you an honest appraisal of your case, and offer counsel on how to best to move forward with your claim.

Dedicated Advocacy

Legal matters pitting employees against their employers are complex enough, but when the employer in question is the United States government, those complications can multiply. As a federal employee, you are protected, but the laws are complex and it requires a skilled attorney to take action for you. The firm has a track record success in fighting for the rights of State Department employees. Your job is extremely important to you and your family's future. Put the legal team's extensive experience to work for you today. They serve federal employees nationwide, as well as internationally.

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