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Pentagon Force Protection Agency

Working for the PFPA involves real challenges, but all individuals, no matter who their employer is, have the right under law to be free from harassment, discrimination, and other violations of the federal labor laws. If you work for PFPA and are facing a situation in which you are the victim of illegal actions against you at work, contact The Federal Practice Group and speak to our federal employment lawyers. Our skilled and experienced employment law attorneys are dedicated to serving federal employees in a wide range of employment law matters.

The Rights of PFPA Employees

The Federal Practice Group can represent victims in cases of adverse action proposals and appeals, in mediation/alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in situations where employees are seeking disability retirement benefits, in all disciplinary actions, and discrimination complaints heard by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Our legal team is involved in fighting for the rights of federal employees at the PFPA in discrimination allegations and EEO complaints and is highly experienced in leading clients through the EEO complaint process. Your case of employment discrimination will be addressed with professional skill. If you are facing potential damage to your career due to being subjected to an employee investigation, you are urged to seek legal advice from the firm prior to answering questions from investigators. Protecting your rights is essential. Many PFPA employees incorrectly believe that they do not have the same rights as other federal workers, due to the nature of their work. The truth is that you have rights, but they must be actively protected. Defending your rights as an employee can not only protect you but also help other workers that are facing similar situations.

The firm offers counsel in employment cases involving the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), security clearances or sexual harassment/hostile work environment claims. The firm also protects the rights of PFPA employees who have been subjected to whistleblower retaliation and we can advise you about how to make protected whistleblower disclosures. These are serious issues, and employees may well have grave concerns about how future advancement, pay and the ability to continue to function at your job may be impacted by filing a claim or making a disclosure. The firm addresses each individual's unique issues and concerns with complete confidentiality and with the objective of resolving the matter as quickly as possible, with your rights and your future as the primary focus of the attorney serving you.

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