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Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

The legal team at The Federal Practice Group can assist federal members of the Fraternal Order of Police with all employment-related legal issues, including disciplinary hearings, post-disciplinary hearings, and other administrative employment actions filed against federal law enforcement officers throughout the country. The firm has built a reputation for excellence in defending federal law enforcement officers who face legal situations that could jeopardize their career, pay, advancement or ability to remain in service to the agencies and communities in which they work. Attorneys from our Federal Employment Division can take action immediately to assist you.

The Federal Practice Group: Fighting for Law Enforcement Officers

The firm can provide the highest quality representation in all aspects of federal employment law, including labor contract disputes and grievances, discrimination or harassment claims, and matters in which the FOP cannot directly assist due to the nature of the situation and their restrictions. Our legal team can provide the level of service you need in a range of matters affecting members of federal law enforcement throughout the country. These are often very difficult matters to resolve, and can attract media attention. Obtaining the assistance of a skilled employment law attorney from the firm could be the most important decision in your career. The outcome of any legal case, whether related to employment law or another matter, is impacted by the quality of the legal counsel that is fighting for you. The firm is proud to offer exceptional trial skills, unmatched dedication and zealous advocacy in all work-related legal matters faced by law enforcement officers, including wrongful termination.

Labor and employment disputes can be very difficult to resolve. Police officers are often at risk and encounter challenges on a daily basis that the average employee never faces. Given the heightened risks officers face every day, the right to be compensated fairly and to work in an environment free of discrimination, harassment or other violations of federal personnel law, is especially critical, not only to the officers but to their families. If you are a federal law enforcement officer facing an employment law matter that threatens your job, your finances or your rights under a labor contract, contact the firm for help.

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