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Department of Justice (DOJ)

If you are a Department of Justice employee receiving unethical treatment at work, a lawyer is essential to ensuring your rights are best protected. The Federal Practice Group has the experience, skill and knowledge in the area of federal employment law to help you during this difficult time. They have successfully represented employees, supervisors, managers and executives in the areas of:

  • Adverse Actions: Whether at the proposal level, or later in the process, the firm can provide knowledgeable guidance and support if you face suspension, demotion, removal, or any disciplinary action.
  • Retirement: The laws and regulations regarding federal employee retirement claims are very complex. It requires experienced counsel to clearly explain them, and to take the best steps towards protecting your future. The firm can represent you in applying for retirement or disability benefits. They will also aggressively fight to reverse denial of retirement benefits.
  • Reductions-in-Force (RIF): The firm can offer trusted support in fighting RIF actions, and thoroughly advise you of your rights in this complicated area of the law.

DOJ Employee Rights

As a Department of Justice employee, you are subject to laws and regulations that differ significantly from those of the private sector. You can have confidence in the firm's deep familiarity with these unique processes and procedures. After reviewing your case, an attorney at the firm will explain the laws that address your situation, and what actions should be taken on an immediate basis to move you towards a favorable resolution. Call for a confidential consultation today.

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