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Department of Defense (DOD)

The Department of Defense employs over 700,000 civilians in varying positions. In such a large organization, not every employee protection policy is followed 100% of the time. If you are one of the many federal employees who have suffered discrimination at work, your case may be presented to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). These institutions were created to make sure your rights are being protected. Though you may be hesitant to speak out against your employers at the DOD, an employment lawyer will guide you through the process of and will fight to protect your rights.

The Federal Practice Group has experience in federal employment litigation, and represents government employees in the Department of Army, Department of Navy, the Department of Justice and other federal branches. You can trust the firm to represent your interests and defend your rights to employment without discriminatory practices. The legal team will present your case effectively to the EEOC or MSPB with the goal of getting you just compensation or a favorable settlement in your case. If you believe you were passed over for a position because of a disability, your gender, age or race, the firm knows how to fight for you at a federal level.

Representation for DOD Employees

You should never have to face sexual harassment, wrongful termination or racial discrimination working for the Department of Defense. Federal employees are afforded special protections under the law that workers in the private sector do not enjoy. The firm is familiar with these protections and is determined to use them to your advantage. You may be entitled to a settlement if you have lost your job at the DOD unfairly. Do not wait to contact us if you believe your rights may have been violated at work. Working with a trusted federal employment attorney is often the first step toward rectifying the damage done to your professional career.

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