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We assist employees of all Federal agencies.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

If you are a Department of Homeland Security worker facing harassment, employee discrimination, unfair discipline, removal, or are involved in a contract dispute, The Federal Practice Group can provide you with professional and experienced representation. The firm has substantial experience with the unique legal issues of federal employment law. They represent federal workers nationwide, as well as internationally, and have many years of experience achieving favorable verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients. If you are a DHS employee in need of legal solutions, you are urged to contact a lawyer for immediate help with your case.

When making a sexual harassment claim, EEOC complaint, or fighting a contract issue, it may seem you have the weight of the government against you. Whether through negotiation or litigation, the firm will work tirelessly in protecting your rights. Regardless of the size and strength of your employer, they are governed by laws and protocols. The firm has extensive insight into the legal remedies that can help a federal employee get just treatment and maximum compensation for employer offenses.

Counsel for DHS Employees

The firm is a dedicated advocate for DHS employee rights. Job discrimination based on age, gender, religion, pregnancy, national origin or disability can be successfully fought by the right legal team. The firm has extensive experience investigating and pursuing compensation in discrimination claims. Additionally, when wages have been misclassified or overtime has been unpaid, the firm can skillfully manage your claim and fight back against any effort to delay or deny the compensation that you are due. Call the legal team today and put their experience to work for you.

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