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CBP Employment

The Federal Practice Group is a staunch advocate on behalf of CBP employee rights in the workplace. They understand how important your job is to you, your family and your future, and are dedicated to helping you keep it. The firm has had many victories on behalf of federal employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and the Merit Systems and Protection Board (MSPB). If you are a Custom and Border Protection employee suffering from discrimination, prohibited personnel practices, disciplinary actions, whistleblower retaliation, or other issues, it is essential that you contact a federal employment attorney for trusted legal guidance.

Federal cases are handled in a differently than non-federal cases. The firm has in-depth insight into the field of federal employment law. They can fight for your right to just treatment and compensation for damages if your rights have been violated. Attorneys at the firm investigate, thoroughly prepare, and have achieved victories in even the most challenging of cases. They can represent you in any legal issue, and before any of the administrative agencies that hear federal employment matters.

Legal Solutions for CBP Employees

It is strongly recommended that you contact the firm now for a private consultation. Your livelihood, your future success in your career, your reputation, or your retirement may be at risk. With the firm, you will always know the current status of your case and can contact them any time for an update or additional assistance. They will provide you with the information and advice you need to protect your interests, and prevent action that will limit your recourse and legal options. They will provide the dedicated legal counsel you need at this critical time.

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