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We assist employees of all Federal agencies.

Federal Agencies

There are many benefits to obtaining and maintaining a position at a federal agency; however, when something goes wrong during the application process, or after years on the job, one can easily feel overwhelmed by the size and authority of your opposition. Regardless if you work for a small business, or a federal agency, you have legal rights. Whether you are facing retaliation, harassment or a hostile work environment, you deserve to have your federal employee rights upheld.

The Federal Practice Group handles employment law issues for clients employed by ALL federal agencies, including, but not limited to, the following:

With more than 100 years of collective experience, the legal team at The Federal Practice Group is dedicated to standing up for those employees who have been discriminated against, treated unfairly, or taken advantage of. When you are facing a legal matter involving discrimination or EEO complaints, whistleblower retaliation, a security clearance, or an MSPB appeal, you are going to need the legal services of a law firm that strictly practices federal employment law.

Have you been discriminated against due to your sex, race, or religion? Are you facing harassment or retaliation, or do you feel your job being unjustifiably threatened? By speaking with an attorney, you can gain the legal support you need to resolve your situation. The legal team at the firm is comprised of professionals involving a network of countries. They have received international recognition as a law firm that can defend the rights of federal employees, while zealously demanding justice.

When you are dealing with federal authorities with unlimited resources, you are going to need a heavy weight that is not afraid to stand up for your federal employee rights, and for what's just. There are hundreds of different federal agencies and commissions charged with such responsibilities as gathering intelligence, managing America's space program, executing federal laws, managing the military and many more.

Defending Your Employee Rights

As a federal employee, you may feel overwhelmed and powerless; however, you do have legal rights. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, there are laws in force to protect you. Only an attorney that specializes in federal employment law would have the power and authority to question the federal government and its agencies. The Federal Practice Group is fully-versed in all types of employment issues in the federal sector, particularly those rules and regulations that apply to federal employees. At the firm, the legal team applies their legal acumen to find sound and viable resolutions in the world of federal employment law.

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